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Boxbee launch innovative new peer-to-peer scheme

It started out as a novel solution to one of the inherent problems of urban storage, and has now evolved into a great example of the new sharing economy.

Boxbee is a San Francisco start-up that realised when people put their possessions into storage for any length of time, often they tend to just forget about them. Either that, or they forget what’s stored in each box, so any time they need to get something out, such as a bunch of CDs, they may need to root through several boxes until they find out what they need.

The answer? An electronic inventory so people can easily check what they’ve got stored, and in what box. Boxbee, operating in San Francisco and New York, charge a small monthly rental fee per box, and one-off fees to collect each box for storage and return it.

But not satisfied with just that, they’ve also gone a step further.

Boxbee’s theory is, if you’re not using something, then why not let your friends use it instead? You can allow other people access to your inventory, so if they want to borrow your bike while you’re abroad, they just need to pay the charge to have the box delivered.

And not only that – Boxbee are now operating their own peer-to-peer service where customers can pay a small fee to borrow from their own pool of equipment, from winter clothing to camping goods. A quick and very cost-effective way to meet your needs without having to buy something new.

Look out for a similar great idea to hit these shores soon enough, as the peer-to-peer revolution continues to expand and diversify. Although the bulk of the P2P industry at the moment is financial, it’s clear that it has the potential to encompass many other aspects of our lives too.

Here’s wishing you all a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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