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3 Major P2P Lending Trends 2018

Peer to Peer lending services saw a huge growth in 2018. Many new people were using the services to get loans in wide range of sizes and there was a growth in the amount of people investing money in P2P services. Keep reading to see the 3 major trends that were noted in 2018.


Festive Loans

During the festive periods in 2018, people were turning more to Peer to Peer lending services to secure loans. People were looking for some extra cash to help them buy gifts for friends and family or for money to help additional travel and living costs for the seasonal periods. A lot of banks don’t allow these kinds of loans because they aren’t seen as necessary and banks are becoming much tighter because of the political uncertainty that is going around.


Medical Loans

Medical loans were another common trend for peer to peer lenders. P2P lending platforms saw a rise in people looking for loans to cover medical costs. This is more particularly coming from countries where healthcare can be expensive, where there are no systems in place like the NHS.

The ability to secure a loan to cover emergency health care without needing to go through a bank brings with it a lot of benefits, including the fact that it is much more stress free.


Popular With Millennial’s

Millennial’s are becoming attracted to peer to peer lending services because of the rising trend in investing and digital technologies. They are putting any savings into investments in hope that they will see an increase on their money rather than having it sitting in banks. Whilst this method can be more successful in making money, it is a risky move for millennial’s to take.



These three trends show that P2P lending is on the rise and that it is becoming more popular with a range of different people and for a range of different reasons. Uses of peer to peer lending services are only due to rise more in the future and new trends will take place as things progress.

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